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Some of the services we offer:

Running and Teaching of Sports/Fitness/Therapy Enrichment Courses

Sports Quest can run and teach enrichment course for your school or establishment, from gym instructing, personal training level 3 to level 3 sports massage. Sports Quest can allow your establishment to have the Outstanding qualities and extra opportunities for your students. Sports Quest provide the opportunity for students to develop into career paths by gaining excellent qualifications and receiving quality teaching from experienced teachers and assessors.  

Extra - Curricular Clubs

Sports Quest can deliver a wide range of extra - curricular clubs at any time in the day that provide a great way to enhance a child's or young adult earning and in a fun and safe coaching atmosphere. Research has shown that children and young adults who take part in extra - curricular sports activities can thrive in many aspects of their learning and development as well as improving their grades.

PPA Cover/Support

Sports Quest can deliver a range of structured curriculum activities. Sessions can include a range of ball games, athletics, invasion games, striking and field games, dance and gymnastics, you name it we can teach it. Support will be based upon the requirements of the school or establishment. Learning outcomes for all PE lessons follow the national curriculum and lessons will be designed to cover all aspects of the sporting activity. Sports Quest are also able to provide feedback to teachers as part of each child's assessment of the subject. It can be difficult for schools to provide teachers with the recommended amount of time for planning, preparation and assessment. Sports Quest offer a solution to this whilst enriching the Physical Education offer within schools and establishments.

CPD Training

Sports Quest can provide professional learning opportunities for teachers and non - teaching staff to ensure that all staff have a greater level of understanding of the importance of physical activity for children. Teachers and support staff will learn how to motivate children to become involved, to learn various sporting disciplines and to live healthier and more active lifestyles. We can provide hourly, half days and full days training days for staff to learn how to teach an Outstanding PE lesson as well as specialising on how to make inclusive lessons for all children and young adults with disabilities, behavioural and impairments. Sports Quest enable schools and establishments to develop a legacy of high quality sport across all staff.  

Lunch Time Clubs

Sports Quest can provide specialist coaches to take large amounts of children and channel their lunch times into a positive active time. Sports Quest can help reduce negative lunch time behaviour as well as improve participation and teach sportsmanship. 

Bespoke Disability Coaching Programs

Sports Quest can provide coaches to support children and adults on a 1:1 basis as well as a group basis, during educational hours and outside of educational hours. We provide individualised sports programs for both during school time and to be followed at home by parents and guardians/supporters. Each program will be adapted to meet the individuals needs and alternately create progression and development. Our programs are available for physical disabilities, mental disabilities, behavioural, emotional and special educational needs. We can help to develop their skills in all areas of physical education and sports, keeping written records of their targets and achievements to report to class teachers. This ensures that all  individuals continuously achieve alongside their peers. We also can advise teachers how to adapt lesson plans to become more inclusive.

In Class Mentoring Scheme

Sports Quest can provide coaches who are seen as role models and professional coaches to work with children in a class environment, subjects not relevant to sports and physical education but using the coaching concept and role model status to development and motivate individuals who may struggle. This can hugely promote work ethic, attitude and motivation to increase grades, improve behaviour and promote the school and establishment.

Complete Running and Organising of Sports Events

Sports Quest can plan, organise and run any sporting event required by a school or establishment, including setting up equipment and providing coaches and staff for the event itself. From sports days to sponsored events, Sports Quest can ensure that your sporting occasion is a huge success.  

Healthy Lifestyle and Nutrition Teaching 

Sports Quest can provide presentations, assemblies, lessons and fun inset days to improve the knowledge and understanding of healthy lifestyle to all children, young adults and staff. 

Complete Running of Physical Education Subject  In Your Establishment

Sports Quest can provide it all, from lesson planning, taking physical education both theory and practical based, running an organising all sports clubs and teams, producing successful sporting events, teacher training, disability sort coaching programs, extra curriculum clubs and much more. You name it, we can achieve it. 

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