About Us

Active Schools & Clubs

Sports Quest provides high-quality coaching in a range of sports for both boys and girls, presenting opportunities for all children to participate, develop, compete and excel in sport.

Sports Quest takes pride at delivering a quality service that focuses on advancing sports development through all of our available services. All of our sessions are inclusive to ensure that every child can enjoy safe a safe, healthy, educational and fun experience of sport, regardless of age and ability.

As a company, we are confident that our services can benefit your school and club, offering advice to all teachers, bringing some fresh new ideas and sporting excellence into your school's timetable. We can offer training and support for teachers to empower them to deliver engaging and progressive physical education lessons, both practical and theory based.

Sports Quest is passionate about building on the current sporting success of women in Great Britain. Our vision is to inspire and encourage more girls to participate in sporting activities and in time create a new generation of sportswomen.

Sports Quest aims are that all children can participate in a range of sports at any level. We can provide personal coaching for children with Special Educational Needs and disabilities.

Fitness & Therapy

Sports Quest provides high-quality fitness classes, personal training at home or outdoor based and sports therapy services.

We pride ourselves on helping individuals becoming more active, healthy and happy. We offer training to individuals with disabilities and special educational needs to improve social and physical developments that can be transferred into lifestyles.

Our therapy sessions are suitable for everyone. We can also offer therapy during pregnancy. We offer a home based service to provide comfort and improve well-being.